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Actually the Listguy helps me a lot. In restaurant I was earning some of the money. Our restaurant is famous in that location. But this is a little complicated for us. In our batch we are the toppers; every one of them required everything so we worked unique and individual. In our thoughts we was the people who are very wide in several competitions we won so many prizes and also the certificates too. When we come out we not at all attention to come out and not to work in any company and sold be there for ourselves. However the dreams are very wild. The days have passed and finally to present our project we have got the choice. My uncle he arranged for this project when we were in that position and meet. Two projects are there and the company must decide on one.

To be present at the project anyone is sufficient to be present at. One of my friends in our batch he attended to the company. He showed project other than it was new to him for the people who were there. As the moment in time was up it is to explain to the directors of company the other person he came for the opposition along with us explains regarding the project, but my friend he was unable to speak. Through howling and weeping my friend he came out. Actually he was stunned and went to deep depression. Thus he has started spoiling his life. He cannot digest the condition and was disturb that complete day. After that we came back. My father he has builds confidence by saying about the great List Guy.

He has given us the production people complete lists with their place along with the email address. However we are very concern our project. We all have pleased. The online itself has explained them presentation and they satisfied and usual. My associates have specified arrangement it was procedure that lost hope. All of them they dart consultancy with winning through the help out The List Guy.





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